Most Indian women do not have the advantage of height and you can’t be wearing those killer heels all day, isn’t it ! So what do you do ? Don’t get disheartened !

We are here with some quick and easy saree draping tips to make you look tall. Now start draping!

1. Choose light fabrics
Avoid stiff fabrics, instead, pick fabrics that drape naturally around your body. Light and airy fabrics like soft cotton, soft linen or soft silk are your best friends when it comes to the six-yards.

2. Pick dark colours
Picking the right colours can make or break your look. Dark colours are the safest bet for women of all shapes and sizes as they help cover up the problem areas of your body while accentuating your assets.

3. Pick light and elongated prints
Everyone love prints. While big, eye-catching prints are hard to resist, you really need to stay away from them. Small and elongated prints that are scantily spread across your saree make you look taller and slimmer. So, the next time you pick a saree, keep this point in mind.

4. Stick to thin borders
Bright and gaudy borders might get you some attention, but it might not be in a flattering way. Broad borders make your frame look wider, thereby making you look shorter. Go for sarees with subtle borders so that they can flow along your frame and make your frame look sleek.

5. Pleat your saree properly
It’s important to drape your saree well. Half the battle is won if you drape your saree well. So, make sure that you get your pleats right. When it comes to styling your pallu, it really depends on your comfort level. Leave it loose or make really nice sleek pleats as it accentuates your frame better and makes you look taller.

6. Longer sleeves are a better choice
Let’s face it, half sleeved blouses have been done to death for decades now. So, pick blouses with quarter sleeves to lend an air of elegance to your look. Blouses with long sleeves also create an illusion of a taller frame.

7. Tie it below the navel
One of the basics of draping a saree, yet most of us get it completely wrong. Tie your saree just below the navel as this technique helps the saree cover the contours of woman’s body and elongate her frame.

8. Style your hair to look taller.
Hair tied up in a high ponytail or gently twisted, visually adds centimeters to the height. Combed back hair suits almost any face shape except for long and round ones. Blonde straight hairstyles can also make you look taller.

9. Wear Pointy Toe Shoes
The pointy toe is the most flattering shoes for anyone who wants to look taller. Even though it might seems just a half inch difference on the shape of your toe, it makes a whole world of difference.

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